“I Don’t Have The Time”

This is a phrase that doesn’t only pertain to writing. Our lives get busy and things go wrong and sometimes you don’t have the time to write. You get home from work and have to take care of your family and make dinner, or you get home from school and don’t have the time to write because of your homework or maybe you play sports or play in orchestra or band. Whatever your reason, there always seems to be a decent excuse as to why you’re not writing as much as you want to.

“You make time for what is important to you.” This is something that I’ve started reminding myself when I reach the end of a busy day and realize I haven’t written at all. Writing is important to me, and I try to make the time for it in my schedule. (The ironic thing is that it was my music teacher who told me this when I wasn’t practicing enough because I was writing so often.)

Writing so often gets pushed to the back of our list of things to do because unless you’re lucky enough for it to be your job, it’s not a project with a due date and a grade at school or work. I know that I can’t focus well if I go too long without getting the chance to write. Today, try and put aside some time to write, even if it’s only fifteen minutes.