Creative Outlets

So there’s this thing people like to talk about called “writer’s block.”

I don’t really want to talk about it, because I think it’s kind of like fear. The more we think about it, the worse it gets. I also don’t really want to talk about it because I have this huge test tomorrow that I most definitely should be studying for right now instead of writing this post. But I wanted to discuss creative outlets.

I usually try not to assume things about people but I’m going to make a guess here that for most of the people reading this, writing is – at least partially! – a creative outlet. What is a creative outlet? It’s something *ahem* creative that allows you to relieve stress. Unless you purely got into writing for money, I’m guessing that it’s a creative outlet.

Here’s what I wanted to take a moment to suggest: Writing shouldn’t be your only creative outlet. 

When writing is the only thing you turn to, it’s going to be devastating when it’s not working out for you. And there are going to be some times when the words just don’t come. There are other writing things I can turn to – working on other writing pieces than the one you’re stuck on, or writing what you know won’t happen to get towards finding what should happen next, or writing personal entries, etc. You can read (that isn’t a creative outlet, but it can help get the creative vibes going). Sometimes, this isn’t going to work either. Ah, yes, the dread
ed writer’s block.

So what can you do? You can turn to something else. Fun fact about me: I’ve played the violin for five years, and since then the viola for nearly eight years now (kudos to any of you who know what a viola is and special kudos to you if you don’t ). If you put that all together, there’s not really a time in my life that I don’t remember playing a stringed instrument. It’s been a huge creative outlet for me, whether I’m writing covers for pop music or performing or competing in regional/state competitions. Most importantly, when writing fails me, music is something that I can turn to.

Everyone needs something besides writing as their creative outlet. This can be drawing or singing or painting or playing an instrument or literally anything that you enjoy doing and that allows you to express yourself and be creative. (And hey, I won’t judge – I have friends who have somehow discovered creativity in math.)

This is a small drawing I did the other day while procrastinating on homework taking a moment to relax. 

Comment away, please. I would love to hear about the things y’all love to do and how you’ve found ways to express yourself. Have a great day, and if things a stressful, remember that it’s important to take time to calm down and do something you enjoy amidst the chaos.




2 thoughts on “Creative Outlets

  1. Oh, I completely agree! It’s really important to have multiple outlets for our creativity. When one drains us, another can fill us back up, and they each fill us up a little differently.

    When I need another outlet besides writing, I generally turn to photography and photo editing. There’s a lot I don’t know, but I want to get better, and I really enjoy it. Blogging is also an outlet for me, different from writing fiction, and it combines both outlets, words and pictures, so that’s fun! I’m also getting ready to start a Youtube channel, which I think will prove to be another outlet. I’m quite excited!

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    • That’s really cool! I also really love photography – both taking pictures (though I don’t have great equipment) and looking at them – because I find it to be a very interesting form of storytelling. I really love how you mention blogging combining different creative outlets, because I always think it’s really great when that’s possible. Best of luck with you Youtube channel! That’s awesome.


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