Just a quick blurb for anyone else who is planning to participate in National Novel Writing Month:

Have fun! Don’t worry about reaching your word count, or finishing the novel. (In fact, I usually surpass the 50k word goal but do not reach anywhere near the end of my novel.) Do worry about writing every day. Do tell people that you’re doing it, so that you have people to talk to when you get stuck, and so that they can remind you to write every day.

Best of luck!



2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo

  1. I wanted to do the NaNoWriMo Challenge, but I already have so many stories started that I’m so close to finishing and Mom advises that I finish and publish those first before starting a new one.
    Good luck with your writing, hope the ideas come relentlessly!


    • I could not even begin to count the number of stories I have started and the ideas I have for even more. The hardest part to Nano can honestly be picking which idea I’m going to stick with for the month, and I always end up working on other things on top of it.

      I’ve heard a lot of advice either way on this and it really depends on how you work best, but I would suggest that you definitely don’t stop working on other stories while you finish one, and especially while you publish one. It is definitely good to finish a story, and I can say that it is an incredible experience to accomplish that, but publishing is a really long process, and you don’t want to ignore the inspirations for other novels that will happen during that time period. Just some thoughts.

      Best of luck on your writing as well! Thank you so much.

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