My Stories

As of right now I’ve finished two YA fantasy novels, one in 2011 and one in 2015.

The novel I am currently editing in the hopes of publishing is currently called To Stop A Storm. It’s original word count was 131k but I currently have it at about 92k words.

Dayln Monroe went from a girl who didn’t know how to kill, to one who knew how to make dying hurt. Since that day, when her magic betrayed her, Dayln has lived by a mantra: magic isn’t pretty.

The powerful magistrate have ruled for centuries, but when indigenous Dewin extremists begin a magic civil war, Dayln’s hatred towards magic and inability to control her violent abilities makes her a threat to the magistrate’s rule.

Dayln and her close friend, Lily, arrive in Arian, where they hope the walls surrounding the city can protect them. Instead, Dayln’s unpredictable and powerful magic attracts the attention of the Magister, who believes he can harness her abilities and use them to end the worsening war. Discovering dangerous secrets about the walls that surround the city, Lily struggles to protect her powerful but broken friend from the Magister and the war closing in around them.

One of the novels I am currently working on writing is currently called Who Margo Was. It is my first attempt at finishing a non-fantasy novel and I’m addressing some topics that are very difficult for me, so it’s somewhat slow going.

Tallah Owens returns to her hometown, a sleepy coastal city in Florida, for the funeral of her older sister, Margo. Refusing to accept that Margo committed suicide, Tallah searches the town to discover how she truly died.

Instead, with the help of Oliver, a blind boy from her therapy group, Mat, a childhood friend, and Atlas, a boy who is definitely not real, Tallah begins to uncover the truth behind her own insanity and what caused her father to disappear seven years ago.



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